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Thread: how to adjust tv cable for trans

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    Default how to adjust tv cable for trans

    what is the correct way to adjust the tv cable on the trans?? 99 dak r/t
    had it out last night for a quick run i just got my pcm back from tom fox wide open throttle it didn't want to shift hung in gear right up to 6200 then i let off shift points were set to 5200 according to tom, so i want to be sure of the adjustment.

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    I just posted the same basic question. I had my PCM flashed and the same thing happened to me. I hope between the two posts we can get an answer. The only other thing is that I had some so called transmission guy screw with the cable and it still isn't right.
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    Printed from the 2003 FSM but I am sure it covers all years!


    In case the link above doesn't work out or becomes a PITA.

    (1) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.

    (2) Remove air cleaner if necessary.

    (3) Disconnect cable end from attachment stud. Carefully slide cable off stud. Do not pry or pull cable off.

    (4) Verify that transmission throttle lever is in fully closed position. Then be sure lever on throttle body is at curb idle position.

    (5) Pry the T.V. cable lock (A) into the UP position (Fig. 248). This will unlock the cable and allow for readjustment.

    (6) Apply just enough tension on the T.V. cable (B) to remove any slack in the cable.Pulling too tight will cause the T.V. lever on the transmission to
    move out of its idle position, which will result in an incorrect T.V. cable adjustment. Slide the sheath of the T.V. cable (D) back and forth until the
    centerlines of the T.V. cable end (B) and the throttle bell crank lever (C) are aligned within one millimeter (1mm) (Fig. 248).

    (7) While holding the T.V. cable in the set position push the T.V. cable lock (A) into the down position (Fig. 248). This will lock the present T.V. cable

    NOTE: Be sure that as the cable is pulled forward and centered on the throttle lever stud, the cable housing moves smoothly with the cable. Due to the angle at which the cable housing enters the spring housing, the cable housing may bind slightly and create an incorrect adjustment.

    (8) Reconnect the T.V. cable (B) to the throttle bellcrank lever (C).

    (9) Check cable adjustment. Verify transmission throttle lever and lever on throttle body move simultaneously.

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