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Thread: Transmission anti-drain back valve

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    Default Transmission anti-drain back valve

    I want to remove the transmission anti-drain back valve from my 2001 R/T. Everything I looked up said remove the return line and push, drill or pick the ball and spring out. Looking at my rubber line, to the right, there is a crimp line going a quick disconnect, to a hard line to radiator and to the left, crimp rubber line, to a hard line all the way to the transmission. I don't see a access point the push, drill or pick the ball and spring out. the only thing I can think of is to cut the rubber line and remove the ball and spring and then use a double barb fitting and clamp it back together. Am I missing something? The line to the right in the picture is the return line, the line with nut on it is the pressure line.
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    Okay, I figured it out. I took the quick disconnect off the return line and pushed a small welding rod up the hose, there was no check ball in the return line. So I then unscrewed the union on the pressure line and there was the check ball. Everything I read said the ball and spring is in the return line, but on mine, it is in the pressure line.

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