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Thread: 5.9 Differences

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    I have a 2003 dakota and need a replacement motor.

    Local salvage yard has a 01 5.9 with 90k and a 02 5.9 with 150k.

    Interchange shows only 2002-2003 motors working. What needs to be changed on the 01 motor to use in my 03? Or am I better off to go with the much higher mile 2002 motor?



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    ON 01 AND EARLIER,, it will work but will be short i motor mount bolt on each side to the block. Hypotech on our site sells motor mounts for the early block in your truck... I also have an o3 and purchased an 03 for a builder, went through the same as you..

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    Well, I’m hoping thats the only difference. I bought the 2001 engine. Couldn’t get over dropping a 150k mile motor in a 90k mile truck.

    The hipotek mounts won’t work for me, my truck is a 4x4. I’m sure I can fab something to work, or just get stock mounts from a 2001 dak.


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