I'm having trouble with my 2nd gear slipping. I installed the MSAINE VB, Sonnax billet accumulator, heavy duty band strut, governor solenoid and governor pressure sensor (stock dodge) adjusted the front & rear bands & TV cable to Martin's specs. When in 2nd gear the rpms get about 3500, and then it starts slipping and shoots right up to 5500 rpm. I don't know if it did it with the stock VB, it always had low shift points, around 3800 and I think the TV cable wasn't adjusted right. It still seems to have low shift points, shift out of 1st at 4500-4800, but it has a custom SCT tune flashed in it and I don't know what the shift points are set at. It will take a WOT 1st gear, break the tire loose going into second and all is good until 3500ish, then rpms shoot up to 5500. After setting the front band, there is about 1/4 (or a tiny bit less) of threads sticking out from the jam nut. Not sure if this matters, but under light throttle, it shifts into 1st at 1200 and 2nd at 1500. Thoughts???