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Thread: Question on timing.

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    Default Question on timing.

    We did this with a "twist" of the distributor in my day.
    Different world today.
    It's been advised to take out timing as a result of engaging a power adder so one does not detonate. This is part of "the tune" I surmise.
    Because of all this electronic crap, is there any correlation to advancement of cam cut (mine is at +4) and ignition timing?
    In other words, if you're running say nitrous and your cam is cut to 4* advanced if placed straight up, if you're supposed to take out 1.5* per 50 hp shot, does the cam advancement have to be taken into consideration?

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    Timing is part of the tune, yes. Computer controlled.
    Moving the distributor will mess with your fuel sync which is something else your tuner may have you adjust.
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