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Thread: Indy Modman Intake Manifold Machined for EFI

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    Default Indy Modman Intake Manifold Machined for EFI

    Indy Modman intake manifold machined for EFI using new HiPoTek fuel rails that are custom machined for that intake, including mounting brackets. I can machine the customer supplied intake or I can supply the intake as well. Please contact HiPoTek at richard@hi-potek.com

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    The Modman really made some power bolted to the 440. With the right heads and a cam in the .240-.250 @ .50 range, over 600 hp was available with a very streetable machine.
    If the 360 that came with my R/T didn't have only 36K on it instead of 136K, I would have yanked it and built a 440 for the same money I've thrown into my present truck that I've named "Sluggo".

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    That’s awesome Richard!! Thanks for continuing to push Dakota stuff forward.
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