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Thread: careful about heads from this company

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    Default careful about heads from this company

    Because of almost a majority of peeps stating IMM Engines in Cali was a good company to deal with, I went ahead and ordered a set of slightly warmed over heads from them. Someone here (I forget who) stated that they were not so stellar a company. He was right.
    I attempted to contact this company and have gotten absolutely no response.

    Here's what I got:
    I asked that the combustion chambers to be 58cc and they were labeled as such. I was told they had to shave almost 30 thousands off the EQ heads to obtain this. The seats were 4 angle cut as advertised. They were not blended into the passage leaving a sharp angle on both valve sets. The margins on the valves themselves were untouched and too wide. They sat deep within the opening.
    There was "one" valve guide. Apparently the stem hole might have been too wide and thus the guide acting as a sleeve for this. There were no valve seals. Instead there was an umbrella type oil cup at the top of the spring. I hadn't seen this in about 40 years.
    Lastly the concentricity of the valve openings were off as much as 8 thousandths. Yeah the truck would have ran but for these size valves, the allowance should have been no larger than 2 thousandths. Be extra diligent about those "$1400" complete head sets that are advertised all over the place.
    I had to spend an extra $500 to get everything right.

    I marvel at stories where people have bolted up a set of heads "right from the box" and then wonder why their engine grenades shortly after.
    Be sure you have any heads you get no matter where from, reviewed by someone else if you don't know what you're looking at.

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    Flyin' Ryan Performance (Ryan Hogan) is who said that.

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    damn man. Thats a shame. Sorry they did you wrong. Sucks when you cant rely on ppl to do the service they are paid for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niebs View Post
    damn man. Thats a shame. Sorry they did you wrong. Sucks when you cant rely on ppl to do the service they are paid for.
    You have a better memory than me Syn. Right niebs. I realize rates for work vary upon region. A clue to what you're getting for your money may just be where the company is. California, as with most coastal states, costs of living is higher and thus rates for charges following suit. What 1500 bucks gets you in one spot of the country, may indeed be differentiated depending where the company is. To remain competitive, rates may be commensurate with other areas but time spent on work may be way different.
    These heads were purported to flow 266 cfm. A number I now highly doubt considering what else was stated and wasn't delivered.
    Another factor to consider is what tooling costs. Tooling breaks down. Accuracy eventually gets compromised. If tooling is expensive, a company is going to be less prone to change them out as they wear and lose tolerance.
    All IMM needed to do was to put a concentricity gage on the seat cut. A step that must have been too costly on several planes for them to attempt. Just sloppy work from tooling beyond its life. The average person would be none the wiser and so it continues.

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    That's too bad...
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