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Thread: Rear bumper covers, paint peeling after 2 years

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    Default Rear bumper covers, paint peeling after 2 years

    I know this is the least important thing to worry about on my truck right now but I thought I would ask. Since I don't believe the paint shop 100%. I had the truck painted 1.5-2 years ago in the original Solar Yellow. I had a new aftermarket oem style rear bumper that came with the gray textured bumper covers. They painted the bumper and the pads when they did the whole truck. It does stay parked outside so that never helps. It will be awhile longer until I can get it permanently stored in a garage. Well the passenger side rear bumper cover is starting to peel in a couple small spots on the top edge. I took the cover off and took it up to the paint shop to see if they could strip it and repaint it. They said they could touch it up by mixing some paint and doing it with a brush. I could do that myself. He said he would have to strip the whole truck down and repaint the whole truck in order for the cover to match. I've seen bumpers being repainted matching colors that you can't tell difference between the rest of the paint. I finally just took it back and touched it up with the factory paint, but it looks bad because of the chipped paint it's covering. What's the best way to paint these plastic bumper covers to prevent peeling? I'm pretty sure these are the wrong style too, it's the textured. I think the oem ones were flat.

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    I would use Krylon Fusion. This paint is formulated for plastics.

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