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Thread: Rear End Rebuild

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    Default Rear End Rebuild

    What improvements did you do to your 9.25 change to a different gear 4.56 or 4.88 new axles 5 stud? Disc brakes conversion, street strip truck 408 stroker around 450 hp wanting to beef it up.

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    Just a thought...

    Common options for gearing:


    Loads of ring and pinion calculators on line that will show changes. With you current set up mentioned above, at what rpm is your peak torque, and peak hp?

    It usually depends on your intended use. If you are racing, then the 4.56 is popular. If you take long trips that allow you to cruise at 75-80 mph like we do here in CA, you might want to stay with the stock 3.92 or 4.11 ratios. Because I don't plan on turning mine into a racer, I'll opt for stock gearing or 4.11, but improve the limited slip.

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