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    Just realized it's been 10yrs since I joined this site. All started with the search for the oil consumption answer. Yes it was the intake loaded with oil. The truck has just over 130k on it now and still works well. The major expense so far was a professional trans rebuild at 125k. Tried all the bandaids but finally broke down for the rebuild. The shop said the converter was trashed and was polluting the trans. Explained why my solenoids were getting clogged up not functioning properly. So yeah the R/T has done good for the 100k I drove it. Now it's resting in the garage for now replaced by the Dart since January. LOL don't ask the Dart has been a nightmare of bs. One thing after another !!

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    Sounds like it's time to get the R/T out of mothballs and garage the Dart. You should have taken advantage of the new OEM $1000 tranny from Chrysler instead of the professional trans rebuild. Don't know about your area but all the trans guys up here are rip off artists.

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