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Thread: Fmu?

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    Default Fmu?

    Hey boys (and maybe gals, but I doubt it) has anyone run an fmu setup? Im slapping on my vortech v-2 t-trim... And the guy I bought it from ran it on his Durango... My bottom end has meh blowby... So I'm just going to run it till it blows...I may do a compression test if I feel so inclined... I have all the parts to slap er in... But I have no experience with an fmu... Anyone that has and wants to lemme know what they ran? I believe my larger pulley was 9 psi... More than I planned on doing for now but it's what I got and he ran with this... So I assume I'll be fine... He ran smaller injectors and said it ran well, but I'm going to run the stock ones and put the smaller ones in later if it's too rich... I couldn't find any info on fmus on this site... Been through pages and pages....
    Anyone had luck with one of these? I simply can't afford the sct option with injectors and tuning being almost 2gs... And I have the parts...

    On a side note anyone know how thick the bracket spacer is for the vortech setup? Otherwise I'll have to mount with washers till pulley aligns properly

    Thanks guys

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    Also do h have to run an inline fuel pump? Haven't found much info and would like to have my ducks in order

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    I ran one for a bit. Duner ran one (and possibly still does?)

    check this thread out


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    oh thanks that's what I needed!

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