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Thread: WIW/Feeler: 2-bbl M1 intake, 52mm t-body, PPH/Mopar headers, & Mag-Hytec trans pan

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    Default WIW/Feeler: 2-bbl M1 intake, 52mm t-body, PPH/Mopar headers, & Mag-Hytec trans pan

    Well the Hemi-swap is in full swing on my dad's truck, so he no longer has a need for 5.9 parts and told me to sell them... but been out of this game for a while and don't know what everything is worth. Have suspicions based on what I see here and there, but would appreciate some feedback:

    Zeus casting 2-bbl EGR M1 intake - EGR is plugged off and it comes with the 'install kit' but needs a couple bolts. The 'mechanic' that installed it over-torqued everything so threads got chewed up - the hole for the the block that shims up the fuel rail has been oversize, the one that supports the AC pump has been retapped, and one of the t-body bolts has been heli-coiled to 3/8-16. Everything has been fixed and will function properly, just want to disclose the repairs.

    52mm ported stock t-body - nothing wrong with this, looks like it might be a fastman.

    Mopar/PPH headers and Y-pipe - The 'mechanic' that installed these didn't have a y-pipe and apparently didnt think to buy the proper collector rings, so he WELDED the downpipes of the y-pipe to headers. The bullshit y-pipe was cut off and the weld ground off. A new ceramic coated y-pipe was sourced before the hemi-swap was decided upon, so this is a complete set. The headers will be cleaned and sprayed with high temp paint. The y-pipe is ceramic and mint.

    Mag-Hytec 46re oil pan - bought this used, but complete and in great condition.

    Any feedback is appreciated and if interested, shoot an offer.

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    These will go for sale here and eBay shortly. Pics attached. Headers were stripped and sprayed, intake cleaned up and ready for coating. Based on what I could find and condition, probably going to ask:

    2-bbl M1 w/ EGR & 52mm t-body = 700 shipped
    Headers and y-pipe = 600 shipped
    Mag-hytec oil pan = 120 shipped

    Those prices in the ballpark?


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    Much for headers what year Dakota ?

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