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Thread: Which one is "Stickier"?

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    Default Which one is "Stickier"?

    I will be needing rear tires this summer. I don't really care about how many miles I can get out of them, I don't daily drive the R/T anyway. So, I want the stickier of the two for the rear. These will be my "travel/taking a road trip" tire cause I already have the M&H 390's for around town fun. Anybody have first hand experience with both of these tires? I'm also thinking a 55 series for taller tire & lower rpm's when cruising the freeway.



    The Nitto 450 is also in the running because I have them on the front in 255/50/17.
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    These are better than all of the above. I run them but in 255/50.


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    I'd go with the Nitto's. Have heard good things about them.

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