To help prevent a missed quarter in the future, we will adhere to the following dates:

1st quarter 1 January - 31 March
Nominations for TOTQ 1st quarter open April 1-6
Vote will open April 7-13

2nd quarter 1 April - 30 June
Nominations TOTQ 2nd quarter open July 1-6
Vote will open July 7-13

3rd quarter 1 July - 30 September.
Nominations for TOTQ 3rd quarter open Oct 1-6
Vote will open October 7-13

4th quarter 1 October - 31 December
Nominations for TOTQ 4th quarter open January 1-6
Vote opens January 7-13

TOTY will occur after 4th quarter vote
Vote opens January 14-20

Hope this helps to clear things up