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    Default Alpha prototype dyno day results

    On Saturday I got some dyno time with the alpha prototype kit.

    Configuration was as follows:
    MX422 (2.2) "Upgrade Kit" -2x65mm SRT-10 Throttle Body, -6AN rails
    extra large pulley for 6-8psi (standard pulley makes 11-13psi)
    140k miles stock long block
    mopar .600 springs, retainers, trick flow pushrods, hughes 1.6 RRs
    mopar PPH headers, 2.5 duals, x pipe, cats, magnafows
    4k stall converter (too loose for this combo, see below)
    727 transmission
    80lb highZ injectors
    Megasquirt2- fuel, spark, idle
    NGK "6" heat range plugs (found to be too hot)
    93 octane sunoco

    We made 15 pulls all told. The numbers I will report are corrected. The raw numbers were about 10/10 higher. We have that cheater NE air.

    The street tune was pretty far off for a few reasons. I had recently switched to 80lb injectors, and done a rough rescale, but it still proved to be pretty rich off the street. I was running 10* of timing as a conservative guess. We switched to a lower boost pulley to creep up on the tune.

    It was really rich. Started down at 220hp off the street, too rich and too retarded.

    After about 5 pulls we got the fuel cleaned up, targeting 11.8 AFR made the best power. Up to about 260hp with still 10 degrees.

    Started creeping up on the timing and eventually ended up with 300hp @ 5100rpm with about 7psi.

    The torque was 340ftlbs at 4100rpm with 6 psi. This was the lowest we could get a good reading. The converter is too loose for a chasis dyno. Combined with the stock cam which probably peaks at 2500rpm, it's impossible to tell how much peak torque it makes. Hopefully a beta tester can shine some light on this. Judging by the slope of the curve and an older dyno sheet I have for this motor with just exhaust, it is making around 100ftlbs more torque everywhere.

    We learned a lot on saturday. The airfilter I was using was too small. A larger one will be included in the kit.

    The kit flows really well. It easily outflows the stock motor. With the KB setup, boost would fall with rpm, indicating the supercharger kit wasn't keeping up. With the ZCP kit, boost stacks with RPM. The KB "6psi" pulley was making over 13psi at 5500rpm. So more than double the boost, and lower IATs.

    The NGK 6 heat range is too hot. This is what ended our day. There should be more room to increase timing with a colder plug. We never heard or saw any evidence of detonation, but the plug was showing a lot of heat.

    IATs were surprisingly good for an non-intercooled blower setup. The IAT sensor is brass and threaded into the lower intake manifold. At idle it sits at 110F. Reading a combination of heatsoak and air temp. During a pull this rises to 150F reported, while the motor was slowing back down, the IAT continues to rise to 180F. Max temp rise seems to be about 10F per psi.

    My timing map was not binned properly before arriving at the dyno. We were only editing a few cells in boost at high rpm. Next time I will re-bin it so we can get more resolution and see what sort of curve it likes.

    I located an old dyno sheet that would make an apples to apples comparison. It was from when my truck just had CAI and exhaust.
    200hp/318ftlbs at 3300rpm
    218hp/270ftlbs at 4100rpm
    190hp/195ftlbs at 5100rpm

    Compare to ZCP supercharger and exhaust
    265hp/340ftlbs at 4100rpm with 6psi
    300hp/305ftlbs at 5100rpm with 7psi

    I think with a colder plug and a bit more work on the timing curve there is more left in this pulley. I think it is a good representation on what to expect with a stock motor and low boost on pump gas with a tune that can live on the street. It is a shame we can't see a real peak torque number with this drivetrain setup. The mechanical design of the supercharger kit seems to be performing extremely well. A higher flowing motor, water/meth or race gas could all easily make large increases from this baseline. The supercharger kit has no problem making big boost numbers with even modest pulley sizes and compressor speeds, with good efficiency and reasonable IATs.

    Thanks goes out to DP Dyno Inc, Lee, VideoSmith, Tyler Wright, Dave and Amanda Melchiore.
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