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Thread: wanting to do Hemi swap is 03/04 best ?

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    Default wanting to do Hemi swap is 03/04 best ?

    Like stated above Im also going to 5 or 6 speed I wannt no MDS but as a starting point does it matter to you, for ease/cost of programing, Do late models have seperate computer for the auto' tranny's. this is a winter project but Im starting to gather parts now. Any pointers you could help me out with. I will get the tuner from you.

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    Fwiw i have a 0 mile fresh from the machine shop 05 hemi. Complete from tb to pan with harness and pcm for sale. Sorry to hijack your thread pm me if interested

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    1pc port plates FOR SALE, pm for details

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    I'd do an '04 or '05 Hemi. '06 started mds. Get a 3/4 ton manual trans pcm is probably the best bet

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    FYI: keep a look out on many of the Race Sites and you can find Standalone EFI systems Cheap now.

    I saw a Big Stuff 3 and a Fast XFI both go for less than $800 a few weeks back. Those were both $2500+ new.
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