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Thread: Dakota R/T Club Membership Information

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    Default Dakota R/T Club Membership Information

    Q: How do I know when my Dakota R/T Club membership is due for renewal?
    A: DRTC Members who have been activated on the forum can check the status of their membership by clicking the following link - the membership start/end dates will be displayed at the top of the window. http://www.dakotart.com/forum/payments.php (Please note: If your membership has already expired, you will see nothing at the top of the window.

    NOTE: You do not have to wait until expiration to renew your membership. If you process your renewal through the forum, the system will automatically add 12 months to the end of your existing membership.

    Q: I am a past Dakota R/T Club member whose membership expired. How do I renew my membership?
    A: Expired DRTC Members do not have to pay extra money for the period of time that their membership was expired - if you renew today your membership will be active for the 12 months going forward. If you have a PayPal account you can renew your membership using this link:

    Q: I want to become a new member of the Dakota R/T Club - what do I need to do?
    A: Fill out the membership form and hit submit.
    You'll then be taken to the payments page to make your payment. Here is the form:

    Q: I don't have a PayPal account. What other methods of payment can I use?
    A: Option 1 - The Dakota R/T Club also accepts checks or money orders. Please use this snail mail address:
    Dakota R/T Club
    6299 Bell Place
    Ventura, CA. 93003

    A2: Option 2 - Paypal offers a one time guest payment feature that will allow you to pay for your items WITHOUT having a paypal account. It is just as secure, and just as easy! When you click the payment option and proceed to paypal you will see a screen pictured below. Under the login section you will see an option for "GUEST CHECKOUT" (see image below) click this option and proceed to checkout with any credit card or debit card.

    Q: I have general questions about my Dakota R/T Club membership and/or member packet.
    Q: I have moved recently and need to update the club with my new address.

    A: Please contact a club executive if you have any membership questions, or need to update your address. They can be reached via private message on this forum.

    President- Tom Filbert (Filthy Filbert
    Vice President- Steve Shelton (Steve '02CC)
    Secretary- Vacant
    Treasurer- Kevin Peacock (GoFastGray)
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    I am new to DRTC. I signed up a week or two ago and i was wondering what the difference was between a paid member and someone like me who isnt paying/

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuntinR1s View Post
    I am new to DRTC. I signed up a week or two ago and i was wondering what the difference was between a paid member and someone like me who isnt paying/
    The DRTC is the official club for R/T owners.
    DRTC also runs this forum and is free for anyone who registers here.

    By joining the club as a paid member, you'll recieve a member card, DRTC club decal, a DRTC club t-shirt, DRTC business cards, and a letter from the DRTC president.
    You may from time to time, also receive other goodies in your member packet.
    Paid members have more personal message storage space than regular forum members, and can post larger photos.
    In addition, you'll be eligible for some discounts on products some of our DRTC supporting vendors sell. You'll also recieve a discounted price if attending one of our national meets, and be eligible for free prizes given away at the meet. You'll be eligible for discounts on DRTC Group Buys.
    We encourage all R/T owners and former owners to join the DRTC and support the club. Some of your dues go to support this free forum as well.
    If you would like to join, go here and click on "join us":
    Since you are registered on the forum already, skip down to "step 4" and click the "new member" button.
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