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Thread: Hemifever tuning rocks!!

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    Thumbs up Hemifever tuning rocks!!

    Sean,just wanted you let you know that I finally got to down load your 91 oct tune into my 99 Dak RT. I had recently tuned the truck(cap/rotor wires plugs)installed a 25% under drive crank pulley and 180*T-stat. I had previously installed a custom manifold back 3”exhaust system with HI flow cat and a K&N CAI.
    I was also running a jet power module (Stg.2 I think, bought it used cheap),Truck would pull pretty good and up shift @ 4800 on WOT, but it wouldn’t even turn the tires from a dead stop.
    Now ..Holy crap now it spins the tires like my old 68 R/T, it pulls super hard and upshifts @ 5200 WOT. I have an M1(2BBL) on the way and plan on adding a 52mm throttle body, short tube headers and 1.7 rockers are in the near future as well. Thanks once again for a great product ,D
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    hey man thanks for the feedback. I'm glad its working out well.

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    2 thumbs up from me too! Loaded my 94 octane tune and shifting at 5400 now! spins almost all of first now where it wouldnt before!
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    That's great!! Glad you like it

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