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Thread: DRTC Buyer/Seller Policy - MUST READ!

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    Default DRTC Buyer/Seller Policy - MUST READ!

    DRTC Buyer/Seller Policy:

    To all users of this forum:

    1.The DRTC's sole purpose of the classifieds forum is to provide a venue for private transactions between vendors, buyers, sellers, and traders.
    2.The DRTC will not be held responsible for any fraudulent, deceitful, or false advertizing.
    3.The DRTC will not litigate any payment dispute on any transaction. We suggest you use Paypal for your transaction. If you have a dispute over payment, please use PP's payment dispute process.
    4. The DRTC reserves the right to modify, edit, move, or delete any thread or post it deems is a violation of the buyer/seller policy stated below.
    5. The DRTC reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban any user it deems has violated our Buyer/Seller policy.
    6. Whether your transaction is positive, or negative, we highly encourage you use the iTrader function on the forum. Rate the buyer/seller/trader, and leave your comments.
    7. Please post your "for sale", "wanted", or "feeler" thread in the appropriate subforum. Ads place outside the classified section will be moved by a moderator.

    To all buyers:

    2. It is your responsibility to research any part or vehicle you're interested in purchasing.
    3. That includes asking for pictures, descriptions, part numbers, etc.
    4. If you are unsure about a part or vehicle, ask questions on the forum before you buy.

    To all sellers: OUR SELLING POLICY

    1. It is your responsibility to accurately and honestly describe the condition of any used part or vehicle you are selling.

    2. It is required that you include pictures, (or post a link to pictures), in your for sale ad, and list an asking price.* Include part numbers when known.
    (* If you're having problems posting pics, please ask a moderator, or someone on the forum for help. You'll have a 24 hour grace period to post pics. Ads placed without an asking price will be moved to the feelers section until you list a price.)

    3. The seller must have the part ready to ship, or be ready to ship said part when payment is confirmed or recieved.

    4. Sellers may not ask for money for parts with a vaguely distant future ship date.

    5. All new users of this forum MUST be members for a minimum of 30 days AND MUST have a minimum of 25 posts before they can sell here. NO EXCEPTIONS. The "Parts for Sale" and "Vehicles for Sale" forum has been set up to NOT allow new users to post an ad until they meet these requirements. Any for sale ads posted in any other forum on this site will be promptly removed.

    6. Anyone wishing to sell a part or vehicle at a later date will use the "feelers" section of this forum. If the ad is placed in the "for sale" section, the moderators will move it.


    1. First violation- Moderator will issue a warning to violator via PM with a link to our selling policy. Moderator will delete your thread.

    2. Second violation- Moderator will delete your thread and you will recieve a minimum 1 day ban.

    3. Subsequent violations- Moderator will delete your thread and at their sole descrection may ban you temporarily or permanently.

    4. ANY seller who purposefully or knowingly defrauds another member will, at the sole descretion of the DRTC, be banned permanently from this forum. PERIOD.
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