Thanks You All and Good Night !

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First let me say I've enjoyed my time here booth as a D1 Rep and the club Vp.
I'm sorry to see it end , But it's time to go! The Board don't want me no more.

Congrats to 1evilrt on taking the Vp position I know Shawn will do a good job moving the club ahead to better and bigger things!

I will still be around and I'm going to keep working with Jim on this years National Meet in Hagerstown Md.

You may notice a "different " post attitude now as I'm not a representative of this or any other entity.

Sorry if that's upsetting to some ,but I'm going to stop being nice and start being a dick

All jokes aside its been a fun ride.

DRTC had some AWESOME Nats in the 5yrs I was an active Rep. That was thanks to a team effort put fourth by a handful of dedicated members .

Thank You Guys !

Thanks also to Ed Morris and Jim Monahan !
I appreciate all you've done in your tenure here.
Stick around it's going to be fun!

I've made a lot of good friends booth here and outside the forum all because of these slow heavy ass trucks .

I look forward to meeting and making a lot more!

Keep the shiny side up!