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Just starting and thow it seems like I've done a lot already it's moztly maintenance that whoever had it never did. By this time next year it will have a stroker kit and possibly a turbo sst up. I need to know what size cam came in the 03 with the 5.9?
And does anyone have any suggestions on a cam i can run aith the factory ECU? I'm having trouble finding a good race shop woth a dyno/tune guy here in central Florida.


  1. arro222's Avatar
    Your future ideas can run into conflict with what actually happens and thus can skewer cam selection. For instance, a turbo can actually flip flop durations as it effects valve events. With standard na motors, not as much. A stroker motor will call for a bigger cam. What I would say is after you cemented your idea of what you're going to do, I'd get a custom grind cam. There you can tell the cam grinder how you're going to use
    the vehicle along with your set-up.
    The cams from the factory were outright puny in these things with lifts in the low 400's along with durations in the 200ish range. With your projected/maybe set up, I wouldn't consider anything smaller in the .230 range @ 50 and up duration and depending on head choice, lifts not smaller than .550. Don't get all wrapped up with the "sound" the cam makes as opposed to what's best for the build. You'd want a cam in the 114-117 lsa range for boost. If you're just putting in a cam now, (which always struck me as crazy if you're gonna change it out later) with the stock motor, a cam in the .210-.220 range @ 50 duration with a 110-112 lsa.

    As far as the ECU, you will have to get a computerized tune anyway so whatever and however your truck ends up as, there will be a specific tune to the vehicle if you're going to stay injected.

    If you are in a lurch, there are "mail in" tunes available along with Holley or Edelbrock fuel induction systems that you can tune yourself.
    Hope you know this is gonna be expensive as one thing leads to another. Depending on build, you are easily tresspassing in the $12K-20K range.