Technological equipment of warehouses

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Warehouse operations require significant labor costs, the reduction of which depends largely on the choice of the scheme of mechanization and automation of technological process.

For warehouse handling of goods is applied with various equipment which can be divided into process and handling.
The use of different types of equipment depends on the characteristics of the processed goods, their mass, shape, way of packing, dimensions of products and other factors.

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The use of special equipment at the warehouse processing of goods can accelerate the order fulfillment process and more efficient use of storage capacity.

As technological equipment are widely used pallets, reusable containers of universal and specialized racks, containers, hopper device, granaries and reservoirs. This equipment is used directly for storage of goods.

Equipment for grading, packaging and packing of products include weighing scales of various types, mobile carts, test benches, measuring and laboratory instruments, bag making machine and packaging machines. Read more: http://eurobattle.net/blog.php?cp=3

As a lifting-transport equipment for large and medium sized warehouses used cranes, forklifts, carts, conveyor and conveyor systems. At the big height of storage of goods are subject to complex lifting and transportation mechanisms, completely eliminating manual labor.
Small warehouses used by small-scale mechanization: manual cars and hopper trucks, transporters.