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    I purchased my R/T in Sept 2000 w/18,000 miles on the clock. I had just sold my 71 383 Cuda. I was tired of dealing w/the rusty E-bodies. She was supposed to be a DD & yard clean-up truck. As you can see that didn't last very long. We actually got our first home computer about the same time and that's when I found the NW Club on the old Yahoo site.
    The first mod I did was build a fresh air intake out of 3" exhaust tube & buy about a 9" S&B cone filter. Then came an IAT adjuster from Bernd. My first outing with the club at Bremerton she ran a 15.17-18. The next yr she had been lowered 2", PPH cerama-coated headers, true dual 2.5" exhaust & a home ported TB. She turned in a 14.19. After 2-3 yrs of trying little tweaks to get into the 13's, I finally did it. Kammer & Kammer modded kegger, home ported 50mm TB, Danno's 26" ET streets and trackside lightening. That got me 13.94-5 @ about 99mph. We went to the 05 Nat meet and had a blast. I think that's when I ran 13.84 with stock heads,cam, w/the adition of the M1 2bbl.
    Some where in there I chased down (in the r/t) two pricks that threatened my check-out guy a Safeway with knives as they walked out w/4 cases of beer. I was night manager, open 24/7, so we saw lots of drunks & druggies at night. That's where I got the name for my truck, "Night Stalker" or "Stalker".
    January of 06 I got T-boned on an afternoon outing when the weather was REALLY nice. The insurance totalled her, I bought her back for 800 bucks and proceeded to rebuild her. That's when I did the custom Firebird tail lights w/custom built LED light inserts, Front corner lights are LED to complimete the rears. We welded in the Sir Michael's roll pan, tailgate handle relocation, hand formed tail light fill panels, cowl hood, four color, two layer ghost flames & ghosted in R/T emblems on the cowl & tailgate. Everything has been color matched, door handles, mirrors, grille inserts & roof gaskets. She's very Burple!
    In 2010 I popped the engine because of using the stock 2-piece valves in the Shady Dell ported 1.92 heads. Danno built me a killer new engine, even with me dragging my feet all the way trying not to spend a ship load of money!!
    360 .030 over SRP forged pistons producing 10:8 -1 compression. Stock crank internally balanced & polished, Scat H-beam rods. Comp cam duration 224-230 @ .050 .570 -.578 lift w/1.7 Crower stainless rockers. 1.92 Shady Dell ported R/T heads. Mopar Stainless 1-piece valves w/crane springs. Home polished (outside), ported, port matched M1 2bbl, F&B 52x55mm TB. Chris Hansen air box sealed to cowl hood.
    Transmission built by Wilder's transmission here in Wenatchee with all upgraded Hi-po parts! MSaine Ultra billet 3600 stall converter.
    Interior is pretty much stock. I custom fitted a 1997 SHO Taurus floor shifter in the stock console, complete w/overdrive button (and the cup holder). Looks like a factory install. Dash mounted tach to keep up with the rev happy 360!!
    Last year I installed Mercedes E230 leather seats. They match perfectly, feel great!
    Cut factory coils for 2-2 1/4" drop in front, 2" block in the back for a raked drop. Bilstien shocks & poly bushings in the stock sways.

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