• Spring 2015 TOTQ Filthy Filbert

    *Disclaimer this truck is not a real Z-code R/T. If that is important to you, then do not vote for me. Thanks.*


    Here's a quick rundown of my truck:

    built 5.9
    -stock bottom end
    -edelbrock heads
    -cam: 222/228, 107 LSA, installed @ 104. .544/.544 lift
    -4bbl M1 intake
    -PPH Headers with single 3" exhaust, Powerstick chambered muffler
    -58mm F&B TB
    -SCT tuned by Ryan

    Built rear suspension:
    -Hotchkis leafs/sway
    -additional 1.5" drop with shims/blocks
    -4.56 gear ratio
    -Gen 2 viper front brakes (4-piston brembos, 13" rotors)
    -Rebuilt factory LSD

    Built front suspension:
    -Hotchkis coils/sway
    -trimmed for additional drop
    Gen 3 Viper front brakes (4-piston brembos, 14" rotors)

    -Custom modified Viper spec T-56 (Mid shift conversion performed, and Reverse Lock-out still works)
    -Quicktime SFI approved blow-proof bell housing
    -Custom 130 tooth billet flywheel
    -Retro pistol grip shifter handle

    Paint matched exterior accessories
    Cowl Hood
    Blue LED backlit gauges with "frosted" needles
    Veteran tribute decal on bed cover -- actual nose art painted on a 911th AW C-130 stationed in Pittsburgh PA
    CCW SP550 19x10 wheels with 285/35/19 hankook tires
    Tinted windows
    Sun Roof

    What attracted me to this truck was the color, and the fact that it left the factory in "true muscle car fashion" the only option it had was a V8. It had a manual transmission, manual windows, manual seats, manual mirrors and manual locks. The truck did not have AC nor did they put cruise control on this truck at the factory. It's loud, its raw, it's fun to drive, it's a true sports car wrapped in a truck body. My truck isn't the fastest truck on here. heck, with lousy 2.3 second 60' times on greasy street radials, it's running 14.1 at 100 mph. But, I didn't build it for raw 1/4 mile power. it handles like it's on rails, and stops like you hit a brick wall. I like to think of it as a well rounded package.

    Here's a few pics and links:

    This is a before and after brake test. Before was bone stock factory brakes, 5 repeat stops showing how horrible brake fade is after they get hot. After is the viper brakes showing how there's no fade at all.

    A link of the thread on my Viper T56 swap:

    Here's a quick start-up during a chilly morning a month or so ago.

    Video of the first time playing with the GoPro at the track.

    And, lemme see...the 5 best pics of my truck...damn, that's hard to choose!


    Recent pic showing current state: polished CCWs, cowl hood, etc.

    Da Brakes:


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