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  • DRTC By-Laws

    The name of this organization shall be: Dakota R/T Club.

    The purpose of this Club shall be:
    1. To encourage and promote the admiration for and ownership, care and maintenance with safe and courteous operation of the Dodge Dakota R/T sport truck.
    2. To serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas, information and parts for owners of the Dakota R/T, to aid in preserving these automobiles in their original likeness and to otherwise enhance every aspect of ownership.
    3. To provide an organization for Club members to meet, socialize and maintain the spirit of good fellowship and to participate in activities including the use of their Dakota R/T.
    4. To further the interest of owners and drivers of Dakota R/Tís and to promote the safety and enjoyment of motoring in all phases.
    5. To operate in North America, within the scope of the applicable laws of the states and provinces therein.
    6. The Club shall be a non-profit organization.
    7. The Club shall be non-sectarian and non-partisan.


    1. Regular Membership. A regular member shall be a dedicated Dakota R/T enthusiast who has paid annual membership dues to the club, and shall be entitled to participate in all activities, including voting and holding executive office.
    2. Honorary Membership. An honorary member shall be an individual whose particular efforts on behalf of Dakota R/Tís are exceptional and noteworthy. An honorary member shall be nominated by the floor and accepted by a majority vote of a quorum of members.
    3. Dues will be broken into 2 levels. $15.00 per year or $30.00 per year. $15.00 gets you club membership to include ability to vote in club business, participate in club meets, and purchase club swag at a discount. You will receive an electronic copy of a welcome letter and membership card. $30.00 per year includes the same benefits with the addition of printed and mailed welcome letter, club member card, and club T-shirt or other swag for that year.
    On going dues are due and payable each year in the month during, or immediately following, the "good through" month and year of each individual member. New member dues paid will cover the member for the following 12 months. Dues become delinquent one month after the "good through" date.
    4. Those members who paid their dues prior to 01 MAY 2000 shall be entitled to be designated as Charter Member on any Club identification, although in no other respects will their rights and privileges be more extensive than those granted to non-charter members.
    5. In order to operate their vehicle at any Dakota R/T Club organized event, members must:
    - be in possession of a valid driverís license.
    - have possession of public liability and property damage insurance on their Dakota R/T, or other evidence of personal financial responsibility in either the minimum amount required by the state or national government in the amount of whichever is greater.
    6. The executive board is hereby granted the exclusive power and discretion to reject applications or abolish the membership of any person, to include non-paid members who use the forum. Such action shall be taken by this executive board as a group, and validated by a simple majority vote of the board. If a membership is terminated, the member forfeits all benefits to include membership dues.
    7. A banned member may petition the board for reinstatement after 1 year. Reinstatement requires majority vote of board and paid members. In order to hold a vote, 2 board members must approve of the motion.
    8. Spouses and or significant others to include life partners of current paid club members, may purchase a secondary membership at a $5 discount. ($10 for membership only, granting voting rights) or $25 to receive membership card, swag, etc.)

    1. The executive board shall be made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 14 Division Representatives.
    2. A board member must be an active member in good standing.
    3. Term of office shall be for two years and no one shall serve on the executive board for more than four consecutive years in any one position.
    4. Nomination and election for board members shall be made during the months of September to November of each year, and will be conducted in the DRTC forum.
    5. Division representatives shall be nominated and elected by the regular paid club members of that division only. Nominations and elections will take place in the DRTC forum, in the special "election subforum". The President or Vice President will preside over these nominations and elections, and monitor the vote. In the event that the election results in a tie, the President, Vice President, and Secretary will each cast a vote. The Secretary will validate the election.
    6. The 4 executives (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) shall be nominated by the paid membership and seconded by an elected rep. The election will be conducted in two parts. Each of the seven divisions will hold a vote of paid members only. The division representatives will preside over the election with the secretary confirming validity of votes. The candidate receiving a simple majority of votes cast within each divisional election will receive 1 vote in the executive election; for a total of 7 votes. The executive board will hold an election separate from the divisional elections. The results of this election will be made public after the election is over; in order for the membership to see how their elected executives voted. The President will preside over all nominations and elections, and monitor the vote. The Secretary will validate the election.
    7. No executive board member shall obligate or commit the club financially or otherwise without board approval.
    8. Each member shall have one vote in any business relating to the club.

    The duties of the President shall be:
    1. To issue the call for all regular and special meetings.
    2. To preside over all meetings.
    3. To schedule regular elections and ensure that they are held in accordance with the by-laws.
    4. To delegate authority and responsibility as necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Club.
    5. To implement, administer and explain the policies of the Executive Board.
    6. To act as Ex-Officio member of all committees.
    7. To represent the Club at national meetings.
    8. To carry out the wishes of the Executive Board.

    The duties of the Vice-President shall be:
    1. To perform, in the absence of the President, all of the duties of the President.
    2. To assist all committees chairs.
    3. To schedule regular elections and ensure that they are held in accordance with the by-laws.
    4. To vote in all mandatory Executive Board polls.
    5. The Vice-President will report directly to the President.

    The duties of the Secretary shall be:
    1. To record and maintain the minutes of the meetings.
    2. To supervise all records of the Club.
    3. To validate all executive board member elections.
    4. To vote in all mandatory Executive Board polls.
    5. To perform such other duties that, from time to time, may be specifically assigned to him or her by the President or Vice President.
    6. The Secertary will be report directly to the Vice-President.

    The duties of the Treasurer shall be:
    1. To collect dues and any other income of the Club.
    2. To handle all incoming mail.
    3. To maintain the Club accounting books and accounts.
    4. To make regular reports of the Clubís financial condition.
    5. To issue checks, and payments, to be approved by two of the executive officers.
    6. To maintain the club's liability insurance policy.
    7. To report to the IRS the club's non-profit status by filling out form 990-N.
    8. To vote in all mandatory Executive Board polls.
    9. To perform such other duties that, from time to time may be specifically assigned to him or her by the President or Vice President.
    10. The Treasurer will report directly to the Vice-President.

    The duties of the Committee Chairmen shall be:
    1. To chair committees that are made up of members.
    2. The following committees shall exist: Nominating, Program, Risk Management, and Finance.
    3. The Program Committee Chair shall report directly to the Treasurer, and is responsible for planning all National Events, and offer assistance in the planning of Regional and Chapter Events if asked for by a Region or Chapter. The Program Committee Chair shall work close with the Risk Management Chair.
    4. The Risk Management Chair shall report directly to the Treasurer, and is responsible for making sure that the Club carries a proper insurance policy. This Chair and Committee shall also approve all Events be it National, Regional, or a Chapter.
    5. The Nominating Committee Chair shall report directly to the Secretary, and is responsible for making all Nominations to the Board. These Nominations shall be of those that are members of the Club.
    6. The Finance Chair shall report directly to the Treasurer and is responsible for deciding Cost of membership, accruing Sponsorships, and seeking ways to best spend the money of the Club.

    Duties of the Division Representatives shall be:
    1. To represent their divisional area, advising the board of all activities or concerns of their region.
    2. To vote in all mandatory Executive Board polls.
    3. To promote new and renewing memberships in their division.
    4. To act as spokesman to their division members on behalf of the Executive Board.
    5. To perform such other duties that, from time to time may be specifically assigned to him or her by the executive board.
    6. The Division Representatives shall report directly to the Vice-President.

    Planning Guide:
    The Executive Board shall complete by 01 October 2000 a Planning Guide that will be followed by all members. This Planning Guide shall include at minimum: A complete guide on how to organize an event, and a guide to be used to make budgets for National, Regional, and Chapter purposes. This planning guide will be a sub-part of the by-laws. Therefore, the by-laws will not need amended after the planning guide is completed to allow for the planning guide.

    1. The time and place of the meeting shall be designated by the President.
    2. Written notice of all meetings shall be given to each member in good standing prior to the meeting.
    3. At all regular or special meetings, the active members in good standing who remain in attendance shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
    4. All Club business will be approved or rejected on the basis of a majority of votes cast by the members present at any scheduled Club meeting.
    5. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with *Robertís Rules of Order of Business*.
    6. Any member of the Executive Board has the right to ask for a meeting when they deem it necessary.

    These by-laws may be altered, amended or replaced by a two-thirds vote. Each division will hold an election for paid members of that division, of which a simple majority of votes cast will result in 1 vote per division in the executive board election. The results of the election held by the executive board will be made public after the conclusion of the election.
    Proposed alteration, amendment or replacement shall be presented to the membership prior to elections to facilitate discussion.
    ADOPTED (date)______________(Officer signatures will need to appear on this document)
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