• Winter 2014 TOTQ Winner- Y2KRTAF

    Alright,were to begin.

    The Dakota has always been a Favorite truck of mine.I loved the idea of a not compact truck,yet not full size,IE weight truck that had an available V8.

    It was also the only thing Dodge was making with a V8 and rear drive at the time.
    I've had several through the years and bought my first R/T,a 1999 in flame red.I drove the crap out of it until Dodge sent a letter about the buy back due to over stating towing capacity.I thought,hell if their gonna eat the 16,000+ miles I already had put on the '99 and let me have a brand new truck for difference in msrp(of 300 dollars at the time)Then why not.

    So off to the fleet dealer to sit down and order my new truck.I was all set to order another red truck while wishing they had something maybe a bit more wild and retro when I saw Amber Fire listed as a color option in the brochure.

    The fleet guy thought I was nuts because the little square on the brochure was pretty flat and shitty looking,but I wanted something different and took the chance,and man I'm glad I did!

    Any way,when it was delivered,I was there to watch it roll off the hauler.It was truly a killer moment!
    I made them just pull it to the side and not touch it!
    No dealer prep,nothing!
    I pulled all the covering and plastic out and off of it,checked fluids etc.

    So needless to say,I have a pretty strong attachment to this 4400lb hunk of metal,plastic,and rubber behemoth.

    Over the years its been through a few changes.Made some passes down some quarter and eighth mile tracks,been to some shows,and romped around on the street a bit,and met some great peeps along the way.

    It's won 2nd in the U suck bracket in Tuscon for the 14.00 and slower guys.

    Took second in the show and shine in Houston,and almost made the money in bracket racing but got beat out buy a LIL red express truck with a healthy 440

    It's also won some awards at other shows hear and there with the latest being a first at a local the Mopars Unlimited show were it was lumped in with all years and styles Dodge trucks.

    I could ramble on more and more,but suffice to say,I dig these things!

    I'll try and list all the goodies and put up some pics.May add more if I get a chance

    Huge thanks for the Nomination and consideration!

    Mods are:
    stock short block
    Eddy heads
    Mopar 1.7 rockers
    Com Cams 210 cam
    JP timing set
    4BBl M1
    F&B 58mm T/B
    42lb/hr injectors
    Extreme Velocity hat
    Mopar Valve covers,that started life black wrinkle,and my dumb ass decided to polish them.So after 8hrs of sanding etc. I was finally able to polish them...
    Vortec V2s
    Auto meter Nexxus gauges for oil,water,fuel press,and boost
    Innovate LM2 and wideband gauge.
    BeCool rad and twin fan set up
    Spin tech mids
    I used a Spin tech Y pipe to route the exhaust to the pass side but cut the Y out and put an X in and run all 3" into a pair of 200cell cats back to a pair of 6000 series Spin tech LOUD AS FUCK muffs dumped for now till I finish my roll pan

    The auto Trans was built buy a local guy with the usual upgrades and had a 3600 P.I. stall,is on its way out.
    In its place is going a T-56.This is currently in the works,and hopefully(once I find some time) I can finish it up,and get to tuning with Ryan!
    Been dying to row some gears in this thing!!!

    Still the stock rear diff and gears with an LPW cover and slide-a-links
    Full Hotchkis with QA1's at the corners

    Darren's Sidewinder Brembo/Viper brake kit on all 4 corners

    CCW whels in 19x10 and yes Josh they are the same Kumho's(for now)when I got them from you.

    Refexions cowl hood
    Snug top tonneau cover and bed rug

    Any way,here's a few pics and vids of my 26'000 mile cream puff.


    Sitting next to the wifes Challenger at a local show

    A tease of the pan build thats been on going for the last 7yrs...
    So I'm slow lol
    At the bird,first Truckin nats

    A dyno day in Dallas

    Couple of vids,don't know how to just have them show up...

    This is the T-56 that's going in with the completed mid-shift conversion to put the shifter through the floor in more of the stock location.
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