• Winter 2015 TOTQ Winner- X_HAWAII RT

    Wow- Where do I start? Well, it started in 1997 when I first saw a Ram SS/T. I went to the dealer to price it and it was way out of my budget. In 1998, I got a promotion and the Ram SS/T was still out of my budget. So I ended up buying a used 1997 Dodge Avenger with an in-line 4 cylinder and 5 speed transmission. Man, I thought I was a badass in that thing. Fast forward to 2000, one day after work, I stopped by a different Dodge dealership, half-dressed in my work uniform and all dirty. I test drove an Amber Fire Crew Cab R/T. It’s was everything I wanted in the Ram, just in a smaller package. The Dakota R/T, was a hell of a truck and I was sold! I ran the financial information with the salesman but again, it was out of my budget. We took a look at the price of an RC and BAZINGA, I could make it work! I traded in my Dodge Avenger and drove off with a brand spanking new 2000 Flame Red Dakota R/T. Here we are 14 years, across the Pacific ocean and two states later, I still own it. I also have a 2012 Challenger SRT8 but the Dakota R/T is just a different animal. It just has that feel of raw power and like most of us; we just can’t get rid of it. And because of that, Josh Klein aka Madboy who is genuinely a good person and a great friend lets me store my truck in the Madboy garage. Long live these AWESOME money pits.

    Engine mods
    408 forged stroker (Originally built by SE Performance in 2006 and Refreshed by PIE in 2013), F&B 58mm TB, MP 4bbl M1, 2.02. SE Performance R/T heads, Crower 1.6 adjustable rockers, PIE 226/230 cam, Viper fan, 180 thermostat, MP valve covers w/full length oil baffles, MSD ignition, Spintech mid-length headers, magnaflow mufflers-tied into MBRP Cuda exhaust/roll pan. Innovate LM2 data logger, SCT Tuned by Ryan Hogan. Yes, this is a unicorn motor!
    Gen III Viper seats. Nu-image guage face, A/C and headlight switch panel .
    Moore performance SRT hood, Stillen bumpercover, 1 piece clear Depot headlights, tinted windows, Billet antenna, Street Scene Upper and lower grill inserts, MBRP cuda roll pan, SS painted mirrors, painted door & tailgate handles, Innovations Tonneau cover, sporting Madboy’s Replica 20" R/T rims for now.
    Springtech 3” Front lowering springs, Hotchkis rear leaf springs, Hotchkis tuned Bilstein shocks
    Rebuilt with Red eagle parts, Transgo shift kit, PATC 2800 converter
    Rear End
    4.10 gears, Auburn, and LPW Diff cover.
    Parts waiting for install
    Hotchkis sway bars, Kenny Brown X- brace, 20” R/T Replica wheels, Alan Short driveshaft loop, upgrade transmission solenoid, and a BNIB engine harness.

    Thanks to my wife for the support and parts over the years. Thanks to Josh and Danno for their help with install and working out the "little things." Thanks to Flyin' Ryan for tuning and everyone who has help along the way.


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