• Announcing the 2014 TOTY!!!!

    The DRTC would like to announce the 2014 TOTY winners!

    This year the DRTC lost two of our members to illness and to honor them the executive board has bestowed the TOTY honors to them. Please join me in saying "Congratulations!" to two of our most beloved members, Tom Cuiller and Joe Johns.

    I only have had the privilege to meet Joe in person and have some conversations with Tom via PM. Both exuded a love for their trucks, and for the club.


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      Thats Awesome. They will be missed and am sure appreciate the gesture!
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      Thats Awesome. They will be missed and am sure appreciate the gesture!
      don't forget John Kuhlman down here in tampa. His truck inspired my build 15 years ago.
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      congrats gone but not forgotten
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      I see what you're saying Todd. My bad. Tom and Joe are the 2014 TOTY winners. It has been decided that because there was no vote for TOTY that all the other 2014 TOTQ winners will be eligable for the 2015 TOTY member vote. If my math is correct the DRTC will have 6 trucks up for TOTY. 2015
      Well, I guess this never got passed down. We held 2015 TOTY with only the 2015 TOTQ trucks. Oh well. Only stumbled upon this to see what all was done for TOTY as far as announcements and what the winner received.