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  1. Cam?

    Just starting and thow it seems like I've done a lot already it's moztly maintenance that whoever had it never did. By this time next year it will have a stroker kit and possibly a turbo sst up. I need to know what size cam came in the 03 with the 5.9?
    And does anyone have any suggestions on a cam i can run aith the factory ECU? I'm having trouble finding a good race shop woth a dyno/tune guy here in central Florida.
  2. TX Members List

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    For now, if you live in Texas, post your name, location and Zip. Open to all members paid or not. This thread is for info only, I'll update this post, and eventually get it into a sheet.

    KTK00R/T - Josh Misora - Katy, TX, 77450
    1995dak- George Deckard- East TX-75938
    1999 Dakota RT - Mark Leija - Cypress TX 77433
  3. Mopar performance pcm. For year-2000

    Paid $300 for it. Couldn't use it because my old truck was a 99'. I didn't know shit back then... still dont! I also paid $50 to have it flashed to my vin. So you might have to have it flashed to your truck. I'm taking that into consideration with my price. $225.
    Thanks, Luke
  4. looking to Buy Another R/T

    I'M looking For 99-03 Dakota R/ T Intense Blue or Viper Blue Ext Cab, please call Mike 561-246-1209
  5. Needing intake

    Looking for m1 intake for my 2000 Dakota RT 5.9 fuel injected and a 52x54mm f&b throttle body
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