View Full Version : New Dakota for me

03-20-2009, 01:29 PM
I just picked up a new Dak this week. It was a pretty sweet deal IMO '98 w/32K miles. 406ci, built for a blower, built tranny, SCT. All of that in a truck that is almost showroom mint condition. I also have a '99 that had a blower (before I grenaded the motor) that will be installed later this summer. I just need to get a few things dialed in, guages installed in the new truck, etc. Its supposed to be nice outside today so I should have a chance to get some pics.


Clay Collins
03-20-2009, 04:00 PM
Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics!

03-20-2009, 05:58 PM
Welcome and congrats!!!

03-20-2009, 10:56 PM
Thanks. It's been a couple years that i've been out of the Dakota loop. I can't believe the support that the aftermarket has provided for this platform. That combined with the ingenuity(sp) of a few guys amongst the sites have really taken these trucks to another level.