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Truck of the Year 2013

RTChas' 2000 Red RC R/T

Truck of the Quarter

RIP Tom Cullier



Welcome to the Dakota R/T Club! This year's PLATINUM supporting vendor is:

In loving memory of Tom Cullier - TOTQ Spring 2014

R.I.P Tom Cullier

The 2014 TOTQ winner is Tom Cullier and his 1999 DA CC R/T.

For anyone who didn't know we lost Tom after a hard fought bout with illness.
He is been nominated and picked as TOTQ by the Board in tribute to his love of the Dakota R/T and this club.

Tom was a Great Member of this community and will be missed.

Everyone at DRTC


2013 DRTC National Meet Information

Trifecta DRTC National Meet

We are holding 3 sanctioned DRTC National Meets this year located throughout the U.S.

Our south meet was held in Dallas, TX. on Sept. 6th-8th, 2013.
22 people registered and we had 17 trucks there for the events. We gave away almost $3650 in prizes!
Congratulations to Chris Henderson for placing "Best in Show"!
Many thanks to Cottonmouth Conversions for sponsoring this event!

Our east meet was held in Petersburg, VA. on Sept. 19th-22nd, 2013.
35 members registered, 23 attended, with 21 trucks showing up.
The club gave away over $5525 retail value in prizes and gifts!
Congratulations to Brian Akers for placing "Best in Show" at this event, and Jeff Wilson Jr. for the "Quickest E.T." award!
We would like to give a special thanks to Chris Hitchens of Performance Injection Equipment for helping sponsor this meet.

Our final meet was held in the west at Sacramento Raceway Park in Sacramento, Ca. on Oct. 19th & 20th, 2013.
27 registered, 18 attended, and 15 trucks came out for the show.
The club gave away over $4090 retail value in prizes and gifts!
Congratulations to Blaine Anderson for setting a new National Meet record E.T. of 10.60!
And Garrett VanLoon ended up being our bracket champion for the meet!
A big thank you to Martin Saine of MSaine Performance Transmissions and Bruce Bridges of F&B Throttle Bodies for helping sponsor this event. We couldn't have done it without ya!

And, as always, thanks to those of you that came out for our events this year! I look forward to next years meet.

Ed Morris
DRTC President