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Truck of the Year 2013

RTChas' 2000 Red RC R/T

Truck of the Quarter

66shelby's 1999 Black RC R/T



Welcome to the Dakota R/T Club! This year's PLATINUM supporting vendor is:

F&B Performance Products

In loving memory of Joe Johns

R.I.P Joe Johns

Joe Johns passed away wednesday morning 8/13/2014, he was battling pancreatic cancer but his pain and suffering is no more, Joe will always be remembered as the kind hearted fun loving guy who's spirit was never beaten down no matter how bad things would get,he was always smiling and joking around and had a positive outlook on life, he was an avid dakota lover and took so much pride in his 2000 CC R/T, it was the cleanest black R/T you ever laid eyes on, if he would have polished any harder on that truck it wouldnt have any paint left

Joe was a great member of this community and will be missed.

Lets get a group donantion going and send it to the Lustgarten Foundation in Joe's name.


Everyone at DRTC


In loving memory of Tom Cuillier - TOTQ Spring 2014

R.I.P Tom Cuillier

The 2014 Spring TOTQ winner was Tom Cuillier and his 1999 DA CC R/T.

For anyone who didn't know we lost Tom after a hard fought bout with illness.
He has been nominated and picked as TOTQ by the Board in tribute to his love of the Dakota R/T and this club.

Tom was a great member of this community and will be missed.

Everyone at DRTC



2014 DRTC National Meet Information

15th Annual Dakota R/T Club National Meet Information.

Presenting the 15th annual Dakota R/T Club National Meet!
We're having our meet in Mooresville, NC. this year. The theme will be "R/T's in Race City, USA".
It'll take place Aug. 28th- Sep. 1st.

We have a lot of cool stuff planned including some NASCAR race team shop tours, a private drag strip rented out for drag racing and S&S, Go-Kart racing, free prize giveaways, raffles, racing/S&S awards, a free hotel room drawing, and much more.

Please see the details for the event here:
Get signed up today!
I'll see you in Mooresville this Labor Day weekend!

Ed Morris
DRTC President